Ingredients for Pasta Night with Sundried Tomato Pesto

Dinner Tonight: Pasta Night with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Bread Sticks

The Scenario:

  • It’s my husband’s birthday. We’re doing a big celebration on Friday and something low-key today.
  • My aunt and uncle are coming for dinner.
  • I need something that scales up and pleases a crowd.
  • I’m also making a tart, so don’t want anything too complicated for dinner.

The solution: Pasta Night!

I’ve got sundried tomatoes, walnuts, parsley and caramelized onions for a sauce. I’ll throw in some caramelized onions to really make it nice. I’ve got frozen pizza dough and garden herbs that I’ll use for bread rolls. I’ll get a bottle of wine and everyone will be happy.

  • Dried pasta with sauce made from sundried tomatoes, walnuts, parsley and caramelized onions
  • Herbed bread rolls made from pizza dough
  • Garden salad
  • Apple tart for dessert

The plan:

On my way home this afternoon I’ll pick up a bottle of wine. On getting home I’ll prep the tart, pull the pizza dough out of the freezer, and wash the herbs and greens for salad. If I have time, I’ll make the pasta sauce by putting the tomatoes, garlic, walnuts and parsley in the food processor and processing it into a paste. When everyone gets home I’ll start heating the pasta water and the oven. I’ll warm the sauce in some olive oil on the stove and add slices of frozen caramelized onions. When the water is boiling I’ll add the pasta. Then I’ll shape the bread and throw it on the pizza stones and make the salad. When the pasta is done I’ll toss it with the sauce in a big bowl. I’ll find volunteers to grate the cheese and set the table. And that’s it!

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