Ingredients for Indian Meal from the Freezer

Dinner Tonight: Indian-Style Meal from the Freezer

I’ve been saving this meal for an evening when I really don’t have time or energy. And that evening is this evening. I’ve got frozen eggplant curry and mint-cilantro chutney for the adults, frozen lentil soup for the child, and frozen naan and samosas for everybody. I’ll make some basmati rice in the rice cooker and set out some limes and yogurt. It’s going to be great!… Continue reading →

Steps to Making Curry

Simple Vegetable Curry: A Useful Method for Making a Versatile Curry

For years I struggled with curries. I loved eating them at restaurants but was unable to create a decent one at home. My cookbooks gave me recipes with infinite lists of ingredients and multi-stage preparations that were too impractical for wherever I was living or whatever I was doing at the time. Then I found this technique from The Guardian. I’ve been making great curries ever since.… Continue reading →