Ingredients for taco night with black beans, corn and bell peppers

Dinner Tonight: Taco Night with Black Beans, Corn, and Roasted Bell Peppers

I’ve got a lot to do today so I’ll plan an easy dinner: taco night. My aunt gave me a bag of assorted peppers from her garden that need to be used. We have a container of my husband’s excellent and very spicy salsa that should be eaten soon as well. My daughter will eat black beans and corn as long as they are not spicy, so I’ll cook them in olive oil with mild paprika. We’ve got corn and wheat tortillas–I’ll warm up some of both. I’ll also make some rice to bulk it up and provide more leftovers for lunches. Then we’ll have our usual garnishes: cilantro, green onion, limes and yogurt.

  • Canned black beans with frozen corn, paprika and olive oil
  • Roasted peppers with olive oil and chile seasoning
  • Corn and wheat tortillas
  • Rice
  • Cilantro, green onion, limes, yogurt, cheese, salsa

The plan:

This afternoon I’ll chop the peppers, coat them with oil and seasoning on a baking sheet, and put them in the cold oven to await their evening fate. I’ll also slowly cook the beans and corn with paprika in olive oil on the stove. Right before leaving to pick up my daughter I’ll set up the rice cooker so that it can do its work. On returning home I’ll turn on the oven and let the peppers cook away. Close to dinner time I’ll warm the beans again, warm up the tortillas, chop the cilantro, onions and lime, and grate the cheese while everyone else sets the table. That’s it!

Bell peppers, ready to roast

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