Ingredients for aggkaka dinner with leek and salad

Dinner Tonight: Swedish Aggkaka with Leek and Salad

I feel like a baked dish again tonight, as the evenings are getting downright cold. I don’t want to do too much work though, and we haven’t been to the grocery store in a while: aggkaka is the only answer!

I’ve got a leek that needs to be used, so I’ll sautée it as a side dish with a piece or two of cardamom. (In the days before my daughter was around I would have simply added the leek to the aggkaka, but she resents such oniony things in her favorite dish.) I’ll also add a big salad from the garden with some sliced almonds, for the adults, as a nice light foil to the buttery custard. The whole thing will be accompanied by yogurt, maple syrup, and maybe some cinnamon.

  • Swedish aggkaka made with vanilla
  • Sautéed leek with butter and cardamom*
  • Salad of garden greens with sliced almonds
  • Greek yogurt, maple syrup, cinnamon

The plan:

I’ll make the aggkaka batter and cut and wash the salad before leaving the house this afternoon. The leek is already cleaned. On coming home I’ll preheat the oven and play around with my daughter for a bit. At about six o’clock I’ll pour the aggkaka batter into the dish and put it into the oven. I’ll then sautée the leek, spin the salad, and muster the troops for table setting. When the aggkaka is done we’ll admire its crusty peaks and buttery valleys as we make a jubilant parade to the dinner table.

*I ended up adding some sliced potatoes to the leek as I wanted to ensure we all had leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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