Ingredients for Pasta Night with Tomato Sauce

Dinner Tonight: Pasta Night with Tomato Sauce and Greens

We’re all still sick. My daughter is home from daycare. My husband will be going back to work after dinner. Nothing is getting done. Therefore: Pasta Night! I’ll make something fast with canned tomatoes. I’ll clear our noses with chili oil. I’ll give us vitamins with greens from the garden.

  • Linguini with fast garlic and tomato sauce
  • Sauteed greens
  • Bread, feta cheese and chili oil on the side

The plan:

I’ll sautée the garlic in olive oil and add the canned tomatoes at some point in the afternoon when my daughter is occupied with something. I’ll let it simmer for a bit and then turn it off. I’ve already picked some greens from the garden, I’ll wash them at about the same time. At around 5:30 I’ll start heating the pasta water and slowly reheat the tomato sauce (I added some herbs and olives to it as well). I’ll chop the greens and sautée them in a bit of oil and lemon juice. When the water boils, I’ll add the pasta and gather help for table setting. We’ll eat by 6:00.


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